Fitting a lyric + inside joke + relationship start date + subprofile link in 1KB

Do you remember AIM 1.0? Do you remember when screenames could only have ten characters? Do you remember a time when getting somebody's screename was much, much more likely (and exciting!) than getting somebody's cell phone number? Did you ever have warning wars? Did you have involved conversations with SmarterChild and then update your Expage with the transcript? Did you spend time with Notepad editing your profile HTML so you could fit more information into those measly 1024 bytes? Did you constantly monitor all the screenames that clicked on your SubProfile link? Did you measure your popularity based on Guestbook entries in said SubProfile? Do you remember when people started getting broadband internet and competed for the longest online time? Do you still have a screenshot of somebody having been online for 16 days 8 hours 22 minutes somewhere, maybe on a Zip disk? Do you ever long for the days where "status updates" could also have fonts and colors and line breaks and weren't there for everybody to read long after you'd taken them down?

Enough questions. Time to right-click => Get Info...

(I believe the screename belongs to a bot - didn't feel like editing it out of the found screenshot. Intensely accurate profile Photoshopping thanks to yours truly.)


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