Having an 8th grade boyfriend.

Before relationship statuses on Facebook, there was...

...writing "I <3 boy" on your fist.

Song of the Day: If You Love Me

As much as we love this song, it begs the question: why Brownstone? Did they think being a trio was close enough to Triassic sandstone? Or did they realize their group name would become associated with rich yuppie houses and/or heroin, a la Guns N' Roses, and so would make us wonder forever?

In any case, according to Wikipedia: On April 28, 2009, Maxee Maxwell of Brownstone confirmed that the group had not disbanded. The group is said to be recording new material for an album with an anticipated release date in 2010.

Song of the Day: Anywhere

I'm serious. NSFW, don't watch this with Asian parents, not suitable for computer lab browsing, etc. etc. etc.

Song of the Day: Mr. Wendal

Song of the Day: All My Life

If you never dated a boy who played enough piano to play you the intro in front of everybody in the auditorium, you totally missed out.

Lexicon: Cyber

Pronunciation: si'-bur

1. adjective: of, relating to, or involving computers or computer networks (as the Internet)

2. verb: to engage in quasi-erotic activities on the internet that involved PMs (private messages) and repeated usage of the "M" key

Private message from socrboy83: yo baybee u want 2 cyber?

(image via Technospot)

Song of the Day: Free Your Mind

Prejudice, wrote a song about it.
Like to hear it? Here it go.

This song may be 17 years old, but the lyrics are still fresh.


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Song of the Day: Holla Holla

Here in upstate New York, we had a low of 35ºF last night, allegedly with patches of frost. So lame. I'm missing the Beach something fierce right now.

Song of the Day: The Sign

Add this to the list of videos I hadn't seen until now.