First there was the Hokey-Pokey...

Seems to me like there are some dance routines that are basic to our experience as schoolchildren. First we learn little things like ring-around-the-rosy (morbid, much?), then it's the hokey pokey, then it's square or line dancing (at least, that's what happened at Fairfield Elementary), and so on and so forth, until finally we enter the realm of school dances.

School dances in Virginia Beach are nothing like what I keep seeing in movies or on the TV. We didn't have punch bowls or a live band. I already did a short bit about school dances though, so I'll keep moving. Anyway, no school dance would be complete without a DJ to play all the greatest group dance hits - the Chicken Dance, the Electric Slide, YMCA, the Cha-Cha Slide, or the Macarena.

If you don't know the Macarena dance for who-knows-what reason, there's even an instructional video on it, complete with children who shouldn't be shaking their hips:

Now for the full song, so you can put your newly acquired dancing skills to the test:

I was going to find the rest of those dances, but I've gotta get back to work for now. Maybe next time I feel like you need a little torture. I'm sure you're already cursing me for the Macarena.


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