1999, the year that music executives were able to convince British and Irish pop stars to do painfully un-British and un-Irish things

5ive. When the Lights Go Out. And, Got the Feelin'. Please click through to see a group of British boys doing things like riding around the 'hood in a convertible, waving their hands in the air like they just don't care (next to a swimming pool no less), rapping about taking your clothes off and how your body is so soft, and sunbathing.

I definitely used to have a videocassette of the Disney concert that 5ive did with these ladies (OMG it's on Youtube)....

me: my god how were they able to convince grown women that this was a good idea
helen: who knows
but i'm glad they did, somehow
me: the boy in the video looks like he's 12
and those women look like they're almost 30
helen: hahahaha it's true
the hair auggghh
me: oh my god so many canadian tuxedoes

I actually saw B*Witched open for THESE GUYS at the Hampton Coliseum in 1999!

I think the entire concert is actually on Youtube! I had this on VHS. God bless RachelMK18 for preserving this wonderful historical event.

Here's the video for "I Want You Back"

And my favorite, their cover of "Sailing"! When they did this at the Coliseum they were strapped into harnesses that allowed them to fly over the audience!

Julian chooses to hold the Coliseum in high regard because it's Phish's favorite venue, and their chosen place of reunion. Me, I will always remember the Coliseum as the place where I breathed the same air as 'NSync a mere decade ago.


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